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Disc Jockey (DJ) is a performing artiste who remixes various kinds of music at discotheques, clubs, parties, live shows, etc, building an ambience, moving the crowd, taking the audience on a musical journey.

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The art of making people literally “dance” to your tunes lies in assessing the mood of the audience, putting the music seamlessly together in a perfect blend-the  right track at the right time.

Personality, attitude, grooming, hard work and technical savvy are the qualities needed to be a successful DJ. Above all, you must be passionate about music and love interacting with the crowd. You have to be something of a showman-flamboyant and energetic.

What is takes


Although no formal academic qualification are required to become a successful DJ, it definitely helps to have some technical knowledge of mixing and handling the console along with stage presence. Working with an established DJ is the best way to learn the ropes. You must really enjoy all kinds of music to masterfully blend mood with passion. You must also be innovative enough to experiment with sound effects and invent something different and interesting each time. Keeping up with new trends and sound tracks released internationally is part of the job. Personality, attitude, grooming, hard work and technical savvy are the qualities needed to be a successful DJ. Above all, you must be passionate about music and love interacting with the crowd. You have to be something of a showman-flamboyant and energetic.

The Work

Presently the programming on all the FM channels is a mixed bag of music, news, infotainment and current affairs, so you can try your hand at variety of programmes. If you are presenting a music-based programme you must be well acquainted with the music you are presenting. This calls for prior homework and preparation. Interactive dial-in programmes where RJs get to interact with their listeners are amongst the most popular. The trick lies in engaging or “connecting’ with your audience with a clever mix of contend, style and humour that lures them to tune in again and again. At the  same time, avoid intruding on the content or sounding garrulous and clichéd.



With more players coming in, there are several more opening for good RJs. So if you think you have got what it takes, don’t hesitate to go for an audition (be prepared to script and present a short programme). RJing ca be fun part-time or even full-time option for anyone who has a decent voice and gift of the gab. Plus a fantastic confidence booster to boot.

What you’ll make

While a private channel would pay you Rs. 20,000-30,000 p.m. as a full-time trainee RJ, at AIR-FM you would make Rs. 10,000-18,000 p.m. They pay Rs. 1000/- per show, while phone-ins and interactive programmes fetch a higher fee. But once you are established you can demand your own price.

Where to train


While no formal training is mandatory, there are number of short-term courses that promise to “polish” your skills. Some of these are run by practicing RJs themselves. They also teach you some basic technical stuff like operating a CD player and sound mixer, hot to fade out the music an handle the incoming calls, etc.

Career In Video Jockey (VJ)

MTV’s Malaika Arora, Nikhil Chinappa, Cyrus Broacha, Cyrus Sahukar, or Channel V’s Purab Kohli, Yudi, Susma Reddy, Gaurav… The advent of music channels (MTV, Channel V, B4U) has not only ushered in a new genre of entertainment, but has also created a new breed of stars video jockeys or VJs as they are popularly called. The perks that come with the job are tremendous: look up to VJs as icons and trend-setters), plenty of travel (including to exotic locales), meeting interesting people and the best part of it all is that you are paid to do it. And handsomely, at that. They pay packed at start can be anywhere in the region of Rs. 60,000-100,000 p.m. And there is no upper ceiling to what you can earn with time and experience.

The Work

An exciting profession, veejaying involves anchoring music shows, interacting with live audiences and doing celebrity interviews all of which require a fair amount of talking, adlibbing. The gift of the gab is an essential in this job. The more talkative and interesting you are, the better.


Channels are always on the lookout fro fresh talent. Auditions are hold round the year. (MTV and Channel V VJ Hunt are regular annual features.

What it takes

Although no formal training is required to be a VJ, those with a background in journalism mass communication, acting, radio and the performing arts enjoy a head start. So how does a VJ-hopeful make the first move? You have to groom yourself on your own. watch all the TV shows, work at improving your diction and body language. Grab every opportunity to emceeing college and local musical and entertainment events to overcome stage fright. Even try your hand at radio jockeying if you get a change. The more you get to practice, the better. When you are ready, approach a channel with your portfolio and sign up for an audition. If you are smart, young and witty with a distinctive sense of style and decent general knowledge, you could be in the running. Besides a charismatic personality and a freaky sense of humour you must be interested in all genre of music. In addition, if you are good looking, that is a definite advantage.

By Ms. Pervin Malhotra

Director of the Caring, Career Guidance India.

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