An Essay on Circus

Circus is a good mean of entertainment. In the past, circus shows were very popular. Young and old, men, women and children, all liked to enjoy a circus show. But now the cinema has pushed the circus in to the background. Children alone now like to visit a circus. The circus owner move from place to place with his company, giving his shows.

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This year, on the occasion of Nauchandi, the famous Gemini circus came to our city. One evening I visited it in the company of my friends. The show was to begin at 6.30 P.M. We reached the circus half an hour earlier. We found that a huge tent had been pitched. It was brilliantly illuminated by hundreds of multi-colored bulbs. The roar of lions was coming from inside the tent. We were eager to go in. outside the ticket window, there was a long queue. However, we could purchase tickets for the first class in time.


On entering the tent, we found that it was already full to capacity. The show began at exactly 6.30 P.M. first, a goat walked at thin wire-rope. Then a lion was brought in. He roared and open wide his mouth as he was made to walk on the rope. He was followed by a young girl with an umbrella in her hand. She danced on the thin wire-rope. It was thrilling sight. All enjoyed it very much.

Next, four elephants were brought in. These huge creatures saluted the audience in a very graceful manner. Then one of them sat in a chair to the great delight spectators. Children clapped their hands with joy. It was a sight to see. Then the four elephants stood together with their foreheads and trunk pressed close together, as if they were in deep consultation. Then one of elephant played football, and another drank a bottle of gold spot. The third danced as if with joy. In the end the elephants again saluted the audience and went in. Two lions were then presented. They performed a number of funny tricks. Their roar frightened the children. They were then removed and put back in to their cages.

The most exciting item of the show was the swinging performance of two girls of tender years. They were mere children. But they were not at all afraid. They climbed high on the swings, and performed a number of thrilling tricks. Their bodies were elastic and they could twist in a number of ways to the great surprise of the spectators. All held their breaths, as one amazing feat followed another.

The show ended at 8 P.M. we came out discussing the various item of the show. It had been great entertainment. We had got our money’s worth. I wish that a circus should visit our city more frequently. The government should encourage the circus in every possible way.

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