An Essay on the Limitations of Science

Science is knowledge, and knowledge has no end. The only limitations, which knowledge knows of, are those imposed by the human intellect and reason. In theory, there is nothing material, which science may not hope to achieve.


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Recently, the most wonderful of inventions have been made. Man has been bewildered. Even the wildest dreams of man have come true. The force of gravitation has now become meaningless. Man-made satellites are now proudly moving round the earth. An artificial planet is now taking rounds of the sun. Man has launched on the moon. In the near future he may be to live on it. Inter planetary travel shows every promise of being a reality, sooner or later, probably sooner than later.


Global television with the help of an earth satellite is now with us. These are some of the most remarkable achievement of science. All these wonderful inventions may lead us to think that very soon the final limit to man’s ingenuity intellect will be reached. He will be able to make no further scientific achievements. But it is not so. No time will ever come when man’s ingenuity will come to an end. Science would continue to be an eternal source of new blessings.

But it is only one side of the picture. Had man been matter alone, there would have been no limits to science. But man is not only matter but also sprit. “Man does not by bread alone”. But it is only bread which science can offer. It is nothing for human soul. The chief limitation of science lies here.

Science has nothing to offer to man’s spirit. On the contrary, it makes him forgot the sprit. It is the root cause of all evils. By its breath-taking inventions, following one after another, and with a promise of nothing for the sprit, man no longer cares for the development of the sprit. He has become a characterless, god-forsaken creature. Yogis and Rishis, like those of the past, are rare to-day.

Thus, bewildered and baffled by scientific inventions man has forgotten his sprit. Art and religion are the greatest gifts of the sprit. Science has tried and it is still trying to deform to one and to efface the other. Man has lost faith in religion. Religion is decaying. The sad plight of our art is also clearly visible. Man no longer cares for beauty of truth. He has no longer any leisure to stand and stare. Worldly wealth is the only god he knows. Science has made man a moral dwarf. It has no power to up lift him and inspire him with noble ideas and ideals.


Science has given us power, but is cannot us wisdom” philosophy alone can give us the wisdom to use rightly the inventions of science. Science gives us atoms, but does not teach us to kill with them. This is another limitation of science.

Owing to the threat of universal destruction hanging over him, man has been rudely disillusioned with science. He has become aware of its limitations. He has come to realized that in art and religion alone lays his salvation. Religion is even more important than art. Man is a very awkward position. Anyway, the dawn of wisdom and consciousness that he should return to god early, is a hopeful sign. Already the most glamorous fruits of science are turning to ashes in his mouth.

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