Every cloud has a silver lining

A dark cloud is a kind of difficulty, calamity, and misfortune. The silver lining is hope for progress, an opportunity to go ahead. Even a thorny bush may have beautiful flowers. So even clarity may give a man an opportunity to improve and advance. There is some precious germ at the core of the misfortune. Every difficulty is a test and trail of man’s merit, ability, strength. When he passes through an ordeal, he comes out stronger, brighter and nobler. So every calamity has some scope for progress. There is no cloud without a silver lining. The wild fire spreads by leaps and bounds when there is stormy wind. So the calamity becomes a stepping stone to rise high. Dante was disappointed in life and broken down. But the very calamity stirred his noble sprit and ‘Divina Comedia’ the immortal flower bloomed. The glorious joy, the wonder and delight of art is the gifts of the death of Empress Mumtaj Mahal. The death of Hallan produced the greater elegy. In Memorium an English literature. H.G. Well’s leg was broken while he was young. He was confined to bet for some years. He read widely, book-after book. His broken leg was turning point in his life. The celebrated Geeta Rashasya is the achievement of the seven year’s imprisonment. So the darkest hour leads to the dawn of some glorious work. Thus an evil can produce some good. A calamity can give man opportunity to progress. Here is a word of hope, courage, comfort and consolation to those who are under the cloud of misfortune.

Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining

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