What are the various methods of solid waste disposal?

The articles subject to wear and tear in the course of use are thrown out. These wastes may be from the articles of domestic or agricultural use or from mining. The concentration these materials are waste products.

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Disposal of Waste Materials:

Open dumping on to the land surface, well, pond, river, lake and ocean. Allow them for natural decomposition. There is need of public education to minimize the creation of waste and encouragement for safe reuse and recycling of wastes.

Use of Solid Wastes:

The solid waste can be used in the following manners:

Production of Energy:


Energy can be produced by burning straw of paddy, wheat, wood and other fuel.

Production of Fuel:

Solid waste under goes thermal decomposition by the consumption of it in the method of paralysis and produces gaseous, matter, water, insoluble oil menthol and other matters. The solid portion can be used as fuel. The fuel obtained by this way produces less smoke on burning and produces more heat.

Production of Fuel Gas:

The combustible gas is possible to produce by burning the solid waste with the help of gas fear machine.

This method has certain advantages like disposal of solid waste is advantageous. The gas produced from solid wastes is same in nature and for this it can be used as fuel. The combustible gas can be produces by two bio-chemical technological. The biogas helps in biogas project.

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