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Rarely does ay single individual succeed in lifting the mood of an entire nation virtually to an ecstasy as Sachin Tendulkar, the legendary cricketing icon, has done in umpteen occasions.

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Giving further proof of his prowess, Sachin, during the fourth Test against Australia in Nagpur on November 6, 2008, further cemented his place in the psyche of the Indian fandom when he notched up the 40th ton of his Test career. He scored 109 runs on the first day of the fourth Test, which was the 154th Test of his career. It was also his 91st Test half-century, another record that he made his own surpassing the tally of its previous holder Allan Border, former Australian captain.

The 35 year old icon has once again shown that neither age can wither the physique, nor time can wilt the spirit of the person for whom success is an obsession. He became the highest scorer in Test history during the second Test against Australia at Mohali on October 17,2008, surpassing West Indies legend Brian Lara’s tally of 11,953 runs. In the process, he earned the unique distinction of being the first batsman to cross the 12,000 run mark. He made it clear that he is as hungry for runs now, as he was when he started his international career at the tender age of sixteen in 1989 against Pakistan. The young cricketer of that day has successfully overcome all the rough terrains of international cricket, through grit and determination, and has matured into a father figure for Team India, today.


The Master Blaster also holds the records for the highest aggregate runs and the most number of centuries (42) in ODIs. He is also the leading run scorer in ODIs with 16,631 runs in 417 matches. He received the nation’s highest sporting honor-the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award – in 1997-98. A thorough gentleman, Sachin has become a role model for the youth with his impeccable behavior on and off the field.

Sachin’s example is one where rare talent has been groomed by tireless striving and struggle to achieve the pinnacle of success. His example should be emulated, not merely by budding cricketers, but also by all youngsters, who want to make it big in life.

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