What do you mean by Slip system of posting and what are its advantages and dis-advantages ?

In this system, posting is made from slips prepared inside the organisation itself or from slips filled in by its customers. So entries are not made in the books of original entry or subsidiary books, but posting of entries is done from slips. In a banking company, the main slips are pay-in-slips, withdrawal slips and cheques and all these slips are filled in by clients of the bank. These slips serve the basis of entry in the ledgers and control accounts in the General Ledger are prepared on the basis of analysis of these slips. The main reasons for the adoption of the slip system of posting by the bank are the following :

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(1) The bank must have customer’s account up-to-date for a customer may present a cheque any time during hours meant for the public. Slip system helps in keeping the accounts up-to-date.

(2) The number of transactions in a bank is very large. The adoption of slip system can suitably distribute the work of posting among many persons.


(3) It ensures smooth flow of accounting work.

The main advantages of the slip system are:

(1) The bank saves a lot of clerical labour as most of the slips are filled in by its customers.

(2) Subsidiary books are avoided as posting is done from slips.

(3) Entries can be recorded with minimum delay as slips can easily pass from hand to hand among clerks concerned.

The disadvantages of the slip system are :

(1) Slips may be lost, destroyed or misappropriated as these are loose.


(2) Books cannot be verified if subsidiary books are not kept.

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