What is Life Cycle Assessment?

Life cycle assessment is a tool to evaluate the environmental result of a product, looking the usage, resource and release to environment at all states. In this assessment all aspects of environmental impacts have to be considered from the raw materials to the final disposal of used products.

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So the life cycle assessment is process to evaluate the environmental burdens associated with a product, process un-activity, indentifying the energy, and materials uses and wastes released to the environment. It is to assess the impact of these energy and material uses and releases on the environment. To identify the environmental improvements.

The implementation of this method have three approaches like prevention and control of the air and water pollution and the protection of the environment.


The market based approach is useful controlling industrial pollution and the use of eco-friendly products through cleaner technologies and this approach is based on economic instruments.

It creates environmental awareness and protection. The generation of environmental awareness amongst all section of the society is pre-requisite for proper environmental management. Awareness can be created by extensive media coverage, orientation programmes and targeting women and children in the awareness programmes.

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