Essay on Service of Science


With the help of science man has made the best use of matter. This is the age of science. Science has been put to our day-to-day use. So, the service of science is visible everywhere in the world.

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Service of science in the field of health:


Surgery and medicines are all the products of sciences. We have got very fine and accurate surgical instruments. We have got X-ray to photograph everything and very part inside man and the animal. We have got radium needles to cure the patients of cancer. We have got very convenient anesthetics that save man from the surgical pain. We have got injections. We have got preventive and curative medicines. They are all the making of science. Science is doing miraculous service in the field of healing. It is saving people from the jaws of death.

Service of science in the field of education:

Science has played a vital part in the field of education. The printing-press, books, papers, fountain pens, fine inks are the master-gifts of science. Gramophone, radio, television aids and appliances are the inventions of science. Courses of study are now based on scientific psychological basis. Hence, science serves our education.

Service of science in the field of industry:


Now-a-days all the finished goods are mostly the product of science. We have got textile mills, glass factory, iron and steel factory, fertilizer factory and so on. Everything of our everyday use is the work of science. Rice-mills, wheat-mills, oil-mills, are serving our food affairs. Science is now tries to make synthetic goods for us. Science is now applied in all our construction works. The massive buildings, the huge dams and the lofty towers are made by science.

Service of science in the field of transport:

Science has done immense service in the field of transport. Science has brought us victory over the land, water, air and space. The railway, the motorbus, the steamship, the electric tram, the aero plane and the rocket are the master-gifts of science. The radio, the telephone, the telegraph, the tele-printer have made the world closer.



Man can never forget the service of science. Science now helps man in his great adventures. Man is making space-travel, is sending rockets to the planets; is attempting to reach the moon. Man is fighting disease, old age and debility. It is all due to the service of science. But one thing we must have to guard against. It is the inventions of the destructive arms and ammunitions like atom bomb, hydrogen bomb and anything of the types.

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