An Essay on The Policeman for School Students

A policeman is a useful public servant. He is paid from the Government treasury. He is smart and active. He serve the public. He looks handsome in his uniform. Without him no Government can run. Our liberty depends on him. We need his help at every time.

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His Uniform

Like the postman he has a uniform. Which consists of a shirt, pants and a turban or cap. Round his waist there is a leather belt, and a red turban or cap on his head. Two or three letters on his shoulders bear the name of his state. He wears well polished boots.


His Duties

The Policeman has to do many duties. He keeps watch over our houses at night. He controls the traffic on the cross roads. He finds out wrong doers and get them punished. He keeps peace and order in the country. He seems that law is not broken. This he does sometimes at the risk of his own life. At dead of night, when everybody is fast asleep, you can hear his whistle or sound of his footsteps. His name discourages people to quarrel among themselves. He puts check on unpleasant accidents and thefts. He compels people to follow the rules of the road.

During the distributing days he is boon to society. He remains busy all the times in a communal riot. He is always on the side of the poor. Thieves and evildoers are afraid of his name. He is a spy. In civil dress he inquires into the matters. He keep our life and property safe. He is very useful in averting the coming dangers. On the occasion of marriage processions, public meetings and religion processions he controls the crowds.

His Good Qualities


The policeman has many good qualities. He is dutiful and obedient. He looks always busy. He is always bold and courageous. He never hesitates to face dangers. He is at one’s disposal to render service.

His personality

The Policeman has an impressive appearance. He has broad chest and strong stout legs. He is always alert, active and ennergetic. His grand personality keeps the bad characters at arm’s length. That is why preference is given to the person who have a strong body in the Police department.



The policeman is an extremely important part of the Government machinery. he should be more educated because an illiterate person does not know how to behave towards good and cultured families and his pay should be liberal in awarding for his extraordinary service.

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