Descriptive essay on my aim in life

Descriptive essay on my aim in life.


Every man must have some aim in life. If a man has no aim, he cannot succeed in life. He does not know what he will do. A rudder directs the course of a ship. If there is no rudder, the ship cannot sail in the proper direction. An aimless man is like a rudderless ship. So we see that all of us should have an aim in life.

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Different aims in life

Different persons have different aims in life. Most of the people aim at making wealth. Men like to enjoy comforts of life. Wealth is necessary for that. So most *men want money. Some men want to acquire knowledge. They do not care much for wealth. Again some men want glory and fame. Some men are eager to get power and exercise authority over others. My aim—My aim in life is to do some good to my country. Our country is very poor. The prosperity of a country depends upon agriculture, industry and commerce. But our country is yet backward in these respects. Our cultivators do not know how to improve their methods of cultivation. They are not educated. There is hardly any good arrangement for the improvement of the industry of our country.

Very few people give attention to commerce. Most people like to accept service under Government. A nation cannot prosper by service-mentality. So I shall receive a good education and then become a businessman. My father also is a businessman. I hope to earn much money. But I shall spend the greater part of my money for the good of our country. I shall establish agricultural and technical schools. Some of my countrymen will be trained there, and thus they will help to improve the agriculture and industry of the country. If many such schools are established, the country will progress and people will suffer less for want of food and other necessary things and the country will be prosperous.



Every one of us should do some good to our country. I shall be a happy man if I can fulfil my aim in life and thus do some good to my country.

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