Essay on my school for kids

Name of the School :its teachers, students –

I read in the _________(your school name). It is one of the best schools of our district. There are about five hundred students in this school. There are twenty-four teachers in all. The teachers are all very competent men. The Headmaster is a learned man. He is an experienced M.A., B.T. of ___________University.


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When established and why so named – This school was established in 1900 by_______________ (person name). He was the zamindar of the village. The school was named after his father. The School building and its position – The school building is very big. It stands on a beautiful place. There is a large pond in front of it. Beyond it there is the big playground of the school. It looks very beautiful from a distance.


The School rooms –

There are six classes altogether. Primary classes are held in the morning. All the classes have two sections. The Headmaster has got a room of his own. The teachers have a separate room for them. The clerk sits in the office room. The records of the school are kept there. There is a separate room for the library. There are many useful books in it. Our Government has granted a large sum of money to the school. So we have now well-equipped laboratory rooms for practical classes.

Students’ Common Room, Debating Club, etc – We have got a common-room. During the period of recreation, we may play indoor games or read newspapers and monthly magazines there. We have also got a debating club. We meet there every Saturday after school hours and hold debates, read essays and discuss many interesting topics. The Head master is the president of the debating club. We have also a Poor Fund to help the poor students of the school. Some of us have shown great skill in games. We have won many cups and medals in competitive matches. We conduct a monthly magazine. It is a manuscript magazine. It means it is not printed. It is written by hand. The students take great interest in improving its quality. Every year students go out on an excursion. Some teachers guide us. The prize-giving ceremony and the Saraswati Puja festivals are held every year very successfully.

The headmaster and the Staff –


The Headmaster takes great care of he boys. He mixes with the boys freely. The boys love and respect him very much. So he is very popular. He can teach well. He teaches English as well as Mathematics. The other teachers are also very efficient. They take real interest in us. The relation between the teachers and the students is very sweet. Some young teachers take great interest in the extra-curricular activities of the school. They mix freely with the boys, so they are very popular teachers. Of course, they also teach us well.

Results of the Secondary Examination –

The results of the public examination of the school have always been good. This year one boy has got a very high position in the list of successful candidates. He is sure to get a scholarship.

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