Essay on Female Education in India


The men and the women are the two wheels of the society. If one of the two falls defective, the society cannot make progress. Hence we need education for the females as we need for the males.

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The female education is highly necessary for the society. Because mothers are the first teachers of the children. They are the first teachers of the future citizens of the country. If the mothers be ignorant, they cannot take proper care of the children. They cannot infuse good qualities in them. Hence, the very foundation of our people will remain weak, if the females will be ignorant the society will lose the services of a powerful part of our society. So, female education is quite necessary for the girls. The women are in no way inferior to men. In western countries the women are writing books, driving cars and aero-planes, running banks and big business firms and doing research in the laboratory. There are women scientists, women officers and women writers. The typewriters, the news agents, the sales agents the commercial solicitors are mostly women. Hence, we cannot decry the women-folk in our country.


But the female education has some disadvantages too. It is found in Europe and America that the educated women do not want to bear children. They do not like their children. They leave them in the nursery, more out of their disgust than for any other reason. But the defect does not lie in education as a principle. The defect lies in the curriculums. If they learn what the males learn then naturally they will like to be like males. So, separate courses of study should be prepared for the females.

Present position:


Indians are conservative by nature. So, their blind faith and age old superstition stood against the female education. Now, people have felt the virtue of female education. The do not hesitate to send their daughters to schools. Now in India we find women professors, lady doctors, lady scientists, lady politicians and lady ministers. But a large number of women are still in dark. They should be educated in the interest of our national progress.


India is now optimistic in the field of female education. We had the female philosophers like Gargi, Maritreyi and Viswabara in the Vedic age. We had Mirabai, Ahalyabi, Durgabati and Laxmibai in the days of history. They were all learned. Hence, we had a great tradition during the days of our degeneration. Now, we have revived. So, we will certainly revive the female education in India.

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