Short Essay on Environmental Pollution and Human Population

An unprecedented increase in human population, accelerated pace of industrialization and new developments in technology have dramatically increased the anthropological influence on the environment and the life supporting systems on the earth.

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Man’s impact on the environment has been very broad and complex and has often led to irreversible changes.

While geological and biological alternations of earth’s surface have been very slow, the changes introduced and/ or stimulated by man have accumulated quickly. These quick changes are often responsible for environmental pollution.


Environmental pollution is a kind of ecological crisis or ecological imbalance, which causes the unfavorable alternation of surroundings. These alternations may affect man directly or indirectly.

“Pollution is a harmful change in the natural environment caused by introduction of pollutants (chemical substances, or energy such as noise, heat or light) into the environment to such an extent that it affects human health, other living organisms, or the environment adversely.

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