Short Essay on Public Environmental Awareness

Public awareness about environment is at a stage on infancy. Of late, some awareness has taken place related to environmental degradation, pollution etc. but incomplete knowledge and information and ignorance about many aspects have often led to misconception.

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Development has paved to path for rise in the levels or standards of living but it has simultaneously led to serious environmental disasters. Issues related to environment have often been branded as anti-development.

The wisdom lies in maintaining a balance between our needs and supplies so that the delicate ecological balance is not disrupted.


Some of the main reasons responsible for widespread environmental ignorance can be summed up as follows:

(i) Our courses in Science, technology and economics have failed to integrate the knowledge in environmental aspects as an essential component of the curriculum.

(ii) Our planners, decision-makers, politicians and administrators have not been trained so as to consider the environmental aspects associated with their plans.

(iii) In zeal to go ahead with some ambitious development projects, quite often there- is purposeful concealment of information about environmental aspects.


(iv) There is greater consideration of economic gains and issues related to eliminating poverty by providing employment that overshadows the basic environmental issues.

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