Complaint letter to Municipal Council, requesting for removal of a dead animal

Sample complaint letter to Municipal Council, requesting for (name e.g. buffalo, cow).

The Immoral Minority: November 2014

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The Councilor


Ward No. Or Area Name

Municipal Corporation

Sub: Removal of dead buffalo from our colony

Dear sir


I regret to bring to your kind notice that a dead buffalo has been lying in our residential colony for the last two days. I lodged a complaint yesterday to your office but of no avail. A very foul smell is being emitted from the dead body, …… the environment of the colony completely unhygienic. We have become sick of the repulsive odour and are unable to breathe.

You are requested to get the dead body of the buffalo removed from the colony immediately and also, the officials who didn’t take the action in time must be suitably instructed for future.

Yours faithfully

Your Name

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