Sample Love Letter in English to your girlfriend

A sample Love Letter in English to your girlfriend.

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It’s Valentine’s Day yet again. Can’t wait 364 days to celebrate my love. I don’t need a day to celebrate my love for you for it is perennial, eternal and pure. I breathe it, feel it and live it every moment. I may not be the prettiest, the luckiest and the richest but indeed the happiest to have, in my life, your love unconditional. I see it in your innocent eyes and I feel the intensity of your commitment for our love and togetherness.


Dear love, you wrap my thoughts with yourself and channelize the steam of my dreams towards the ocean of your love and passion. The breeze of your affection touches my soul- gentle and soft. My heart feels like a feather when you are around me and sinks like a cascade when I cannot see the glistening eyes full of love for me. I hear the gentle breeze swaying when you whisper love and hear the river hissing so softy when you sing serenades for me. Like the ocean waves, your passion washes away my pain and your presence leaves behind nothing but the sweet togetherness to cherish lifelong.

As they are celebrating life, I have every reason to celebrate you, my love. Confetti has risen in the air and come listen to what my heart has to say. Hold on to these lovely moments. I sneak out it the outside, beneath the star-studded night sky and my heart sings and I feel light as a feather. Wanting to fly near your, show my eyes glisten with your love and to tell you how you’ve made the differences. To tell these little angels that I love you. At this point in time hold my hand forever and I will take you to a place where followers bloom and give aroma of my love, trees high and tall sway in the zephyr of my love. Let the air of my love graze your hair and sooth your eyes. Look till that end it’s all my love.

You can take as much as you can and you want. You’ll always have more to take. It shall never end. It grows intense and deeper. Let the tender thought of ‘me’ revive your soul. The aroma of my devotion will set your soul breathing satisfaction forever. Till that end and even beyond it’s all my love. Look at the star studded sky. They are talking of our love too. The colors that were so morose look so bright since I see these with your eyes. First time I saw you and smile danced on the corner of my lips. It was too early to say anything but it happened and here we are today. Moments slipped by gently and each one gave a gift of ‘you’. You brought smile to my grim face and cascaded like monsoon showers in my hot tropical summer like life. Come let me get drowned in your love. Let me give all my love to your. To know you is to experience divinity.

Your love and concern for me is as unconditional as it can ever be. You love me without expecting my love and care for me without hoping you are ever cared by me. You believe in me without doubting that my truths may have bedrock of a white lie. You trust me least bothered to think if I can ever be trustworthy. You live just for me without thinking I’d ever be there in your life. I know you will love me forever. I know you shall support me before I stumble and you’d hear me before I’d speak. And give me little treasures of togetherness before I’d know I wanted these. You’d understand and never give up on my irrationality. You’d care for my little and silly games knowing that this woman is still child. You’d love me like a mother nourishes child in her womb. I sense your devotion and your love, intense and so pure. I adore you and lost in the alleys of your love I am discovering love, life and reason to be alive and happy. The warmth of your pure love shall glow in my heart forever.


Your endless love…………………

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