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Information Technology plays a significant role for making India one of the most powerful country of the world. It enriches the country’s national income by exporting interactive softwares for earning billions of dollars, that directly inflows to our country. By developing overwhelming software and hardware applications, technocrats are tapping new vistas of speed and accuracy every split second. Now, we are heavily reliable on click of mouse and touchpad to sustain our lives in this express digital scenario.

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Executive Information Systems and Decision Supports Systems have wholly altered the  decision making theories of earlier management with recently developed Business Intelligence and artificially intelligence tools.  But here the big question is what about the security of these Information Systems (IS) ? Without doubt, the security of all the software and hardware’s is the prime concern which is taken into consideration by organizational management to secure their data and transactions from the  criminal networks hosted from any part of the glob, but every technique, tools, method, algorithm has certain loopholes which they might catch and intrude  into the networks and  misuse the information to accomplish their own drives.

According to a report of Anti Phishing Working Groups for 3nd Half of 2008, nearly One Lac Thirty Eight thousand fraudulent websites have been detected over the internet to spread crime in the form of Phishing, a kind of cyber crime to dislocate the information from internet users to the various locations over the computer networks, misleading the user to wrong destinations. Thus the main function of Cyber Crime Investigation & Cyber laws is to track down these cyber criminal and prevent such malicious acts in future.


Professional requirement

The profound reliability over internet, intranet and extranet has put a challenged before Government and Business Enterprise to make these channels of information secure and safe to gain the thrust and confidence of their citizens and customers by designing and implementing highly sophisticated security barriers, which might be discover through recruiting skilled professional at each end. According to    NASSCOM report, there was a need for nineteen thousand cyber forensics professionals in India and a shortage of five a lakhs IT professionals by the year 2010. The various courses running in India with the help of different public and private Institutes/Universities/Colleges are designed for –

  • IT Security Professional (Network & Systems Administrators)
  • Police & Armed Forces Professionals.
  • Law Enforcement Professional (Law Student and on job Lawyers)
  • Charted Accountants
  • Company Secretaries
  • IT Auditors
  • Web Designers and Developers
  • IT Users
  • Cyber Cops
  • Cyber Investigations
  • Cyber Detectives

Innovations are happening at a rapid pace in technology so there is a mounting requirement of skilled professionals to deal with Cyber Crime prospects. Students who are planning to make their career in this area might opt one of the following options –

  • Cyber Crime Investigation (Cyber Forensics)
  • Cyber Laws

Job Description


HR Manager recruits a variety of IT staffs to manage IT resources over the enterprise.Depending on the internal policies of recruitment and positions might vary within Chief Security Office (CSO), Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), Security Analyst, Security Engineer, Director of Security, Security Auditor, Security Specialist, Security/Network/System Administrator, IT Auditor, Cyber Detectives/Investigators, whose responsibilities may be either

  • Develop and patrol a secure IT based platform to run the enterprise.
  • Provide support to IT security professionals by developing effective business solutions.
  • Design and upgrade the existing web portals with the latest innovations as per user requirement.
  • Prosecute the legal cases associated with cyber crime.
  • Manage the network traffic policies and security for overall network ranging from consumers to higher level executives (Decision Makers) by implementing tricky Client/Server polices.
  • Verify compliance with legislative or regulate requirements.
  • Identify the adequacy of accounting and control systems.
  • Discover and design security measure to protect electronic gadgets from industry.

Courtesy : Written by Atul Bamrara & Dr Gajendra Singh. (Employment News)

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