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As human beings evolved culturally, emotionally, and socially, physical activity also evolved. As the society became more and complex leading towards the modern age, physical education came to be recognized as an organized and supervised from of education, and was termed as physical education.

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The importance of phys8ical activity was recognized by Plato when he said, “lack of activity destroys the good conditions of every human being, while movement and methodical physical exercise save it and preserve it”.

Physical education, an integral part of the total education process, is a field of endeavor that has as its aim the improvement of human performance through the medium of physical activities that have been selected with a view to realizing this outcome says Charles A. Bucher.


Physical education is an education of an through human movement where many of the educational objectives are achieved by means of big muscle activities involving sports, games, gymnastics, dance and exercise, opined Harold M. Barrow.

Physical Education And Modern Human Life Style :

Man in the present world is full of modern gadgets and implements for utmost comfort. Man is busy in making his life more and more pleasurable. man has become largely dependent upon automotive equipments and thus inviting many fatal diseases and susceptibilities. The diseases mostly engulfing the modern society are ‘Hypokinetic’ type, i.e. diseases caused due to less movement of body parts.

The diseases like Coronary Hearth Disease, Hyper Tension of High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, arthritis, are all hypokinetic type mostly caused due to less movement of human body parts. In this regard I would like to opine that knowledge of physical education should be compulsory for every individual not only for professional approach but also to a large extent for the benefit of the society.


Physical Education In The School System :

Physical education has a major role to play in the school system. Without physical education program we can never hope for a child’s wholesome development. Now a days professionals in the field of Physical Education and Sport have a good opening in this area. In the C.B.S.E. curriculum Physical Education is compulsory subject in the +2 level. Moreover physical education is of equal importance for all students from classes nursery to tenth standard. Thus with respect to job opportunity schools are lucrative and wide ranging. Most of Government, Semi-Government, Public and Private Institutions recruit Physical Education teachers for handsome pay and perks.

Physical Education And Sports Science Experts As Coaches :

Coaching is wide area of engagement of the experts in the field of Physical Education and Sports. Sports persons proficient in particular game or sporting event can undergo coaches training in the NIS (National Institute of Sports) under the Sports Authority of India (SAI). Persons with a degree or masters degree in Physical Education are considered to be more suitable for this profession. Coaches are of great demand in Government, Semi-Government and Private Institutions like, SAI, Sports Schools, Various State Sponsored Associations and Organizations, Clubs, Gymnasiums, Fitness Centers etc. Now a days most of the general academic schools also employ coaches for imparting training in specific games or sporting events.


Scope In College Teaching :

Physical Education occupies a dignified position in the higher education sector; apart from teaching in training colleges Physical Education has been included as an elective subject in the degree course (B.A. B. Sc) level. Professionals with masters who have qualified NET, SLET, or having M.Phil. or Ph.D. degree may get job as Asst. Professor or Lecturer in Colleges.

Physical Education And Sport Science Experts Beyond Schools And Colleges.

Professional scope of Physical Education and Sports Science is vast and vivid. (i) In Spas, Fitness and Health Clubs: In our country Spas have grown like mushroom in most of the urban, suburban and semi-urban areas. This is the area where we should seek expertise from professionals in the area of Physical Education and Sport because they have best knowledge regarding rehabilitative and therapeutic modalities like Cryotherapy, Thermotherapy, Electromagnetic Therapy etc.

They are well equipped with the massage therapy most popular in the Spas and Fitness centers. But the fact is that most of these Spas. Health and Fitness centers are managed by unskilled personnel. (ii) Yoga Centers: The most popular and widely accepted therapeutic aspect is the concept of Yogic Science which is considered to be a part of Physical Education and Sports Science. Though a traditional concept of India which has its origin in the early Vedic period ahs now become a global affair. Many experts in this area are engaged in foreign countries attracting mass with the theory and practice. (iii) Physical Education experts in the Tech. Institutes : Most of the government and non-government technical institutes like IIT, NIT etc. recruit Physical Education Professionals as Sports Officers, Physical Instructors, Physical Trainers to mange the various sporting events. (iv) In mass media: Sports Journalism is an area where the Physical Education and Sports Science experts can be worthwhile.

Further Scope:

Physical Education is presently one of the best job generating professional area. There re many areas where we can get the service of Physical education experts. Some of them are as follows: (i) There should be a connecting link between the Doctors and Physical Education experts, for exchange of views with regard to therapeutic and rehabilitative measures. A scientific combination o the two may benefit the society further. (ii) The Gymnasiums and health clubs should encourage trained personnel to manage the health and fitness programs. (iii) Trained physical Education personnel should get priority in defence and police services with special recruitment drives. (iv) Military training should be laid to the hands of trained Physical Education personnel for better outcomes.

Options Or Exposure For Research Works

The subject Physical Education is composed of principles derived from Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Social Science, etc. So there is a varied scope of research work in various areas like biomechanics, Exercise Physiology, Anthropometry and Sports, Sports Psychology, Sports Sociology etc.

Professional Courses In Sports And Physical Education In India.

Courses offered by Sports Authority of India.

(a) Diploma Courses – Eligibility Graduation

Northern Region :

SAI Netaji Subash National Institute of Sports, Moti Bagh, Patiala- 147001, Diploma In Coaching Certificate In Physical Education

Southern Region :

SAI National Sports Centre, University Campus, Bangalore, Diploma In Coaching.

Western Region :

SAI National Sports West Centre, Sports Complex, Sector 15, Gandhinagar Diploma in Coaching

(b) Graduate and Post-Graduate course by SAI

Eligibility – +2 for Graduate Degree and Graduation for Masters’ Degree. Masters Degree for M.Phill/Ph.D

Northern Region :

  • SAI Laximibai College of Physical Education, Gwalior – 474002, B.Ph. Ed. M.Phil. (1year) Ph.D
  • The Indira Gandhi Institute of Physical Education & Sports, B- Block, Vikaspuri, New Delhi- 110018. B.Sc. Health and Physical Education and Sports PG. Diploma In Physical Education
  • SAI Laximi Bai National College of Physical Education, Kanavattam Po, Thiruvananthapuram-695586. B.Ph. Ed. Masters in Phy. Edn. Graduate/Post-Graduate Courses.

Eastern Region

Eligibility : For Graduate Degree Courses eligibility is Higher Secondary. For Post Graduate Degree/ or Masters Degree, eligibility is graduation in the respective subject (Otherwise mentioned against the course)

  • Sambalpur University
  • Utkal University
  • Berhampur University
  • Tripura University
  • University ofNorth BengalUniversity of Burdwan
  • University of Kalyani
  • Jadavpur University
  • Universityof Calcutta

Northern Region

  • Jiwaji University
  • Barkatulla Vishwavidyalaya
  • Devi Ahilyabal Vishwavldyalaya
  • Rani Durgawati Vishwavidyalaya
  • Pt. Ravishankar Shukla University
  • Awadesh Pratap Singh Univesity
  • Guru Ghasidas university
  • University of Delhi
  • Indira Gandhi Institute of Physical Education and Sports Science
  • Aligarh Muslim University
  • Banaras Hindu University
  • University of Lucknow
  • Guru Nanak Dev University
  • Pujab University
  • Maharishi Dayanand University
  • Kurukshetra university

Western Region

  • South Gujrat University
  • Gujrat University
  • Gujrat Vidyapeeth
  • Shivaji University
  • North Maharashtra University
  • University of Bombay
  • University of Pune
  • Amravati University
  • Nagpur University

Southern Region

  • Madurai Kamraj University
  • Bharathiar University
  • Annamalai University
  • University of Madras
  • Bangalore University
  • University of Mysore
  • Gulbarga University
  • Karnataka University
  • Osmania University
  • University of Kerala


Dr. Saikot Chatterjee

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