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Trichology is a specialized field in dealing with problem of the hair and scalp; these problems include hair loss, baldness, scaling of the scalp, itching, hair breakage, dryness and oiliness. It is basically the science of Hair & Scalp in Health and Disease, which was founded in London in 1902. It is the Science nascent to India, and there are only 335 certified all over the world since the last 100 years.

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Who is a Trichologist?


A Trichologist is a person who has studied and successfully completed a recognized Trichology Educational Programme.

What does a Trichologist do?

Trichologists diagnose, treat and care for human hair and scalp. Trichologists may perform the following tasks: after discussing the scalp problem with the client, examine the scalp and identify the problem; work out the cause of the problem and decide on appropriate therapy; treat scalp problems such as dandruff, itchiness of the scalp, hair loss, baldness and excessive oiliness, carry out a microscopic examination of the hair; apply ointment or lotion to the scalp, massage, or use electrotherapy machines an/ or infra-rd lamps/ advice on the correct use of hair coloring, permanent waving and straightening products; treat damage sustained by the hair or scalp as a result of the misuse of hair coloring, etc. Where necessary a Trichologist refers clients to a medical or paramedical practitioner.

Are there any recognized courses in India?


The first and only recognized diploma and degree courses in Trichology are offered by MET Richfeel Institute of Trichology in collaboration with International Association of Trichology (Australia).

MET Richfeel Institute of Trichology

A Tripartite association between MET League of Colleges, RichFeel Health and beauty Pvt. Lrd. and International Association of Trichology the MET Richfeel Institute of Technology is India’s first and only institute to offer diploma and degree programmes in Trichology.

International Association of Trichologists (I.A.T), a non-profit corporation, was established in 1974 to promote the study, research and legitimate practice in all aspects pertaining to the treatment and care of the human hair and scalp in health and disease, and to supply comprehensive instruction and training in the professional application of this scientific specialty.


MET League of Colleges is a professionally managed, multi-disciplinary and multi-faceted oasis of knowledge. It’s premiere educational institutes conduct university accredited and autonomous course. MET has been ranked 13th in South Asia by Asia Inc. magazine. MET is also an NGO in Special Consultative Status with the United Nations.

Courses offered

1. Diploma in Trichology for graduates

Basic Trichologist (Diploma) – The diploma in Trichology enhances the knowledge level of Beauticians, Nurses, Para Medicals, Consultants, Corporate Research and Development team members, Clinical Researchers, science graduates and Multi Nationals in Hair & Scalp Industry.. Graduates will also benefit from this programme. The programme increases the confidence level and is a value added advantage to business prospects for Multi National employees. For hair Multi National employees. For hair research scientist it is a great value addition in their knowledge for product development, product explanation and product marketing.

2. Degree in Trichology only for Doctors.

Career opportunities are fantastic beginning with:

  • A super specialization in the field of Hair and Scalp. As such, one can practice as a super specialist Doctor.
  • As a Trichologits, one can offer consultations to beauty salons.
  • Clinical research for Hair & Scalp.
  • As an export witness in the court of law. Please note the highest number of claims in the court has to do with hair and as such, a Trichologist plays an great role as an expert witness in the court of law.

Contact – The MET Richfeel Institute of Trichology Website

Attention : Trichology seems to be a rare of the rarest career. Will you like to be a Trichologist ? Do share your views and suggestions in the below given comment system.

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