Diploma In Geographic Information Systems

Geographic Information Systems popularly known as GIS, is a rapidly growing technological field for resource planning and management. It has wide applications in almost all the fields of infrastructure development like land use planning, utilities management, landscape assessment and planning, transportation and infrastructure planning, real estate analysis, telecommunications, Power transmission & Distribution and many other unlimited applications.

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GIS and Remote Sensing (RS) have already influenced us in almost every aspect of life. The main aim of the course is to develop a pool of trained manpower readily available for recruitment in various utilities working on GIS and Remote Sensing fields.

Where To Study


National Power Training Institute
An ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 Organization
(Ministry of Power, Govt. of India)
NPTI Complex, Sector-33, Faridabad-12003, Haryana
Courses – P.G. Diploma in GIS & Remote Sensing (2009-10)


Engineering Graduates in any discipline or Post Graduates in Geosciences.



Students have been successfully placed for on job training in various reputed firms. The previous batch student are working in companies NPCL, CES, CES Tech, RMSI, ITRL, BEAS, DAR, RSAC etc.

How to Apply:

Application forms can be downloaded from NPTI website ( and should be submitted to Director (CP), National Power Training Institute, NPTI Complex, Sector-33, Faridabad-121003, along with a crossed demand draft for Rs. 500/- in favour of NPTI, Faridabad.

Important Dates

  • Sale / Download of Application – September onward
  • Last Date of Receipt of Application forms – October
  • Display of short listed Candidates on NPTI’s website – October
  • GD/PI at NPTI, Faridabad – October
  • Commencement of course – November
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