14 popular B School Selection Myths unveiled- by Rajput

Some moments ago I was reading an fanatic article on B School Selection Process. Here’s the direct link 5 extraordinary tips for Cracking B School Selection Process . I came to learn that a major percentage of candidates are not aware of the correct parameters of selection and are still believing in Several orthodox myths about the selection process. Thus I am posting the article to unveil some of the significant selection myths:-

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The Mighty 14 Myths

  • People who speak the loudest are the ones who get selected first.
  • Speak for the sake of speaking in Groups Discussion can get me enrolled.
  • Getting noticed in the GB by any means will get me selected.
  • Jumping upon the topic vigorously as soon as possible is the best way to get selected.
  • If the GD doesn’t goes well I have no chances of getting selected – everything is over.
  • GD is the only section tool for B Schools.
  • Group Activity is as important as Group Discussions.
  • Presentation are not important tools of selction.
  • Personal interviews is not the most important tools of selection.
  • Percentage of marks obtained in 10 th, 12th & Graduation are negligible.
  • All the B Schools have same selection structure and parameter.
  • I will be selected because my father will throw away money on them.
  • I belong to a political family so nobody can stop me from getting selected.
  • I am a beautiful and hot Girl so I will be selected anyway.
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