20 most probable questions with answers that may be asked in your next Quiz Competition !

These are some of the selected questions from the book BBC. Keep visiting RB for reading different sets of questions very week. Some of the most probable questions that are generally asked in school and college level Quiz competitions are given below.

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1. In the first War of India’s Independence, which revolutionary figure from Bareilly replaced the Mughal prince, Mirza Mughal, as Commander-in-Chief of the rebel forces in July 1957 ?


2. Which Latin American City, founded by conquistador Francisco Pizarro, served as the capital of Spain’s New World empire between 1535 and 1825 ?

3. Hanuman’s leap towards Lanka marks the beginning of which Kanda of the Ramayana ?

4. What is the more common name for the Paris Stock Exchange ?

5. Which biologist coined the term ‘Survival of the Fittest’ in his work, Principles of Biology ?


6. Which money possesses a blood factor otherwise found in humans ?

7. Which organisation was founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in a garage in 1976 ?

8. Which city in eastern Indian was originally built for the workers of Sakchi, and got its present name in 1919 ?

9. What king of fiber, a cotton yarn dyed before woven, gets its name from the Tamil word, ‘Kinden’ ?


10. in 1932, from which city did JRD Tata fly to Bombay in the first ever commercial mail flight in the subcontinent ?

11. What is the language used for stranded zoological nomenclature ?

12. What pores present on the green parts of the plant take their name from the Greek for ‘mouth’ ?

13. Who set Muhammad Iqbal’s Sare Jahan se acchha to music ?

14. What is the Internationals banks of Reconstruction and Development more commonly known as ?

15. With which religion would you associate the ‘Sudveh’ and the ‘Kusti’ ?

16. In 1740, which agency of the Bombay government was set up to enforce control on trade on the Konkan costs ?

17. ‘Tenali Rama’, famous for his wit and wisdom, was a companion of which South Indian ruler ?

18. Which term is used to describe a morbid hatred of foreigners ?

19. Which wildlife sanctuary in Orissa was originally he hunting reserve of the rulers of Mayurbhanj ?

20. The element with the atomic number 99 is named after which famous scientist ?


1. Bakht Khan 2. Lima 3. Sundara Kanda 4. Bourse 5. Herbert Spencer 6. Rhesus 7. Apple Computers 8. Jamshedpur 9. Gingham 10. Karachi 11. Latin 12. Stomata 13. Pandit Ravi Shankar 14. World Bank 15. Paree 16. The Bombay Marines 17. Krishnadeva Raya 18. Xenophobia 19. Simplipal 20. Albert Einstein

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