4 killer tips that will change the destiny of your Civil Service Interview – by Rajput Singh

Personality test is exactly what it it implies; a test of your personality to determine whether you are suitable for the Civil Services. A call for personality test is a dream come true for many candidates. Preparation for the interview included brushing up current issues of national and international relevance.

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Along with that a brush up of bio data like educational background, home state, districts and etc. Knowledge of optionals in the interview are also needed. One cannot afford to be wrong on one’s bio data and etc. So here the big question is “What are the 4 essential things one needs to do just before appearing the final interview”. Below you will find 4 fantastic tips that will change the destiny of your Civil Service Interview.

4 fantasist Tips


1. First impression is the last impression

‘First impression is the last impression ‘, can never be dismissed as a cliché. You need not look look a debonair or chic fashion model out on a catwalk before a colorful assembly. But it is in your own, interest – or call it your bounden duty – to present yourself in the best possible manner. A well groomed and neatly and smartly dressed candidate, with well-shaven face walking straight with confident steps, staying cool and cheerful, shows that he means business. It shows that he or she takes life and its challenges seriously. Such a candidate exudes an aura of culture, upbringing and family background and does credit to both the parents and teachers who moulded him.

2. Recollect your Bio-data

Don’t fail to recollect whatever you have given in your bio data. The Board would like to “rediscover” you through your hobbies like painting, music and activities like sports, your participation in NCC, NSS, etc. What could be dismissed as trivial by you would help the Board size up the real personality that you are.

3. Give perfect elucidations


If you are already working on a good job, the Members would like to know more about the nature of your duties and as to why on earth you want to switch over. Be prepared with convincing explanations and elucidations.

4. Give accurate answers.

None would expect you to know all about the world around you. Whatever be your answers, positive or negative, they will make them assess the man or woman in you.

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