5 twitter tips for succeeding in Civil Service Examination.

These are some of the greatest all time universal tips for cracking Civil Service Examination. Waiting for your comments.

1. Know the Secret
Hard work, patience, disciple, good planning, guidance from seniors, good faculty and above all, the co-operation of friends and the blessings of parent are the true secrets for cracking civil service examination.

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2. Give a year


Ideally a year and half before the Preliminary Examination, provided one dedicates full time to the preparation.

3. Read Good Newspapers and Magazine

Competition Success Review, General Knowledge Today, CSR Year Book, The Hindu and etc are the must for General studies.

4. Meet a Civil Servant


Meet a Civil Servant, IAS to get the necessary motivation for the preparation.

5. Visualize you success

Visualization is the result careful planning, sincere hard work, a lot of patience, availability of good teachers and coaching and above all your luck. So do visualize you success constantly.

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