Top 3 CAT preparation Myths

So what should your action plan be? Start looking for places where computer labs are offered? Or rather get hold of some testing CDs? Is the preparation strategy all about computers and online test? Here are a few myths:

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1. Its not About CDs and Computer Labs:

The reason that CAT is going online holds the key to its preparation strategy. As the number of test-takers increases it is obviously impossible to mange its administration offline. And it is this increase that demands heavily on the assessment and testing. Hence, only online testing cannot help. An analytical approach to CAT 2009 preparation is the key. You must check everyday how much closer you are to 99+ percentile, failing which you are definitely going to lose your rank to the those who are.


Unless you do the post-mortem (question by question, topic by topic, strength and weakness analysis) of each test that you take, whether a chapter wise or mock test, you can never be certain of its probable contribution to your ultimate percentile in November. Analysis is all that counts for belling CAT 2009

2. And the Trainers, Can they Really Help?
Yes? they can; provided they know a lot more than the subjects they teach. That is, with the test analytics available for each test a student takes, it is vital for the trainers to be trained on how to infer from such graphs and tables in order to help students improve the percentiles in the subsequent tests. Only technology driver trainers can bring the element of objectivity in CAT preparation.

3. CAT Preparation Gets Difficult:

It actually got easier. One major advantage that CAT 2009 offers is that one can gain quick access to the tests and preparation material at any time of the day if it is available online. This will offer customization and flexibility to the test-takers preparing for CAT 2009.

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