Dissolving Boundaries in Higher Education

The present day world is replete with academic clutter, both in terms of academic institutions and the variety of options in the minds of all career oriented students (and you won’t find too many these days who are not).

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AIT provides a respite with its refreshingly different approach and courses. it provides every student a realistic roadmap for a successful professional career comprising of a Bachelor’s degree, a Master’s degree and an appropriate paid internship.

AIT has produced many success stories till date. However, not one to rest on its laurels, it is continuously striving to achieve better results and placements for its students. to cite one of the many examples, Kumar Jeev, who initially aspired to be an IITian, left MBM Engineering College, Jodhpur and joined AIT in 2000 and today he is doing PhD at Johns Hopkins (ivy league university) with a scholarship of $56,000 per annum. Now Kumar is thrilled to bits with the way thing turned out for him at AIT.


‘Sour grapes’, you might say. Well, you would have to face strong contention from Abhishek Agarwal, who, after transferring from AIT to Coastal Carlina University, USA, has been awarded with the Best Student Award by the President of having a perfect score. Now, he is pursuing Masters degree in BioSciences with scholarship at the world famous Keck Graduate Institute in California.

Those who look for a covered degree and an appropriate international exposure, AIT has the solution. its unique International Twinning Programs enable students to get degrees from reputed universities of the US, Canada, Australia and the UK, The US universities like North Dakota State University, Tarleton State University and the Coastal Carolina University offer huge amounts in Scholarships to the AIT students to complete the final year of their degree in the US under the agreements. The arrangement for a 4-year UG degree is such that 3 years of coursework is done at AIT while for a 2-year PG degree the first year is done at AIT and final year is done in the US for the degree awarded by US universities.

AIT is a pioneer and a trendsetter in many respects. During the past two and a half years, 120 students have got transferred to reputed foreign universities through AIT’s extraordinary twinning programs. While some of the students are working, others are pursuing higher studies with scholarships / assistantship in the top institutions like Johns Hopkins, Keck Graduate Institute, Vanderbit University, university of Central Florida, University of Illinois, Asian Institute of Technology, Australian National University and Embry Riddle University. AIT alumni in the US have won 20 President’s honor awards and 30 Dean’s honor awards for their excellent academic performance.

At present AIT is offering disciplines like Engineering (Computer Electrical), Biotechnology, Business Management, Mass Communication, Information Technology, and some new-age courses like Hotel and Resort Tourism Management and Retail Management. Option for recognized Indian degree is also available.


Highlights of the International Twinning Programs

  • Valuable time saving of about a year of UG degrees through Accelerated Academic Programme.
  • Expenses reduced to about 1/5.
  • Scholarship / Assistantship / Earn while you learn through Industrial Cooperative Program in the US for successful students.
  • Accredited degree from US Universities.
  • Exemption from SAT requirements.

AIT’s 14 acre campus provided state of-the-art computer and other labs, modern networked library, on-campus lockers, 24-hour power backup, cafeteria, bookstore and other allied facilities for sports, hostel and transport make for excellent infrastructure. AIT has highly qualified and internationally acclaimed faculty with several senior members holding PhD from IITs and US universities.

Collaborating Universities

  • North Dakota State Universities, USA
  • Clemson University, USA
  • Coastal Carolina University, USA
  • Tarleton State University USA
  • McMaster University, Canada
  • University of Plymouth, UK

Corporate Exposure & Placement


In terms of technological initiatives, AIT has made several breakthroughs. AIT is local networking academy of Cisco and has started relevant programs leading to Certification by Cisco. A Center of Excellence is being set up at AIT is collaboration with a UK based multinational company, which will work on live projects based on largest technologies, thus giving AIT students opportunity for hands on experience. Technology workshop are conducted regularly for the students. Recent ones include Bluetooth and 3-G mobile communication. These provide an extra edge to AIT students and open up the doors for them to the global opportunities for placements.

AIT also has an efficient training and placement cell. Its students have been successfully placed in organizations such as Wipro, Hughes Systems, Sapient, Mahandra British Telecom, IDBI, ICICI, Infotech and Sahara India.

As is evident, every step from the start of your higher education to launch of your professional career is carefully scripted at AIT.

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