How to crack Mock Interviews ?

Success in an interview can be easily achieved by clearly understanding the techniques and mastering a few tips. As is well known, interview is a tool which is used for making selecting for jobs carrying positions of high responsibility, and is in addition to qualifying at the written tests, intelligence tests, etc.

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The final selection is made after a face-to-face interaction with the candidate. The object of this interaction is to assess the suitability or otherwise of a candidate for the service/post in question after talking to him or her personally and finding out the candidate’s potential as well as his ability to keep his cool and maintain his balance of mind in critical situations.

It is, therefore of utmost importance to ascertain in advance the scope and nature of the job addition to brushing up one’s knowledge in the written examination and acquiring knowledge of current national and international events. One must also be aware of one’s personal characteristics, assets as well as shortcomings. In order to create a favorable impression on the members of the Board, one must speak out clearly and distinctly. Truly speaking, questions of general nature put to the candidate at interview are such that there can be not cut and dried answer to them. The answers that you give will only reveal your attitude to life and its problems, your maturity of thought and your ability to deal with a abstract problems that you may confront in the course of your service. Effective expressions and to-the-point answers to the question asked mark out a candidate from the rest.


The main thing is to remain alert and attentive throughout the interview, which may not last beyond 30 minutes or so. It is not important that your answers are always factually correct. The most important thing is that these should be sensible.The candidate is judged mainly on the basis of his or her grasping power, general intelligence, initiative and organizational resourcefulness, priorities, goals and their execution. Other qualities like social adaptability, keenness, enthusiasm, confidence and team work also propel a candidate to the forefront.

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