How to Create Resumes Online ?

At this point of time of recession when a greater percentage of employees are losing their jobs with every passing moment you should always keep yourself update with latest happenings in order to survive the period of ‘No Job tremor’. Thousand of people like you, are applying for this or that jobs, but the vacancies are limited.

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Those resumes which are unprofessional, untidy and weak are immediately thrown into dustbins. The better your resume is, the greater is your chances of getting appointment calls. Many manager or authorities instantly ignore those resume which are below average. A great man have very rightly said that the personality of any job aspirant can be ascertained just by going through his/her resume.

Today we are living in the age of information technology where thing like internet, world wide web and websites have become a part of human life. At present the internet have brought the revolution of free flow of information with it. Websites like Job Portals, Entertainment Portals and educational Portals are very frequently visited by the younger generation of the country. Today, this article is about those website that can help you to prepare your resumes online. Basically these are online text editors with different features.


Online Resumes Websites


If you want a powerful word processor that can help you to make rich resume online try buzzword. It offers a spectacular interface, good collaboration with fantastic comments support.



If you want a quick, easy, clean looking multifeatured spreadsheet application this is it. It is a light (Flash based) and includes easy to use data lookup features from external sources. The application also supports easy collaboration with decent templates.

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If you want a nice just start typing text editor (and not a word processor), this is meant for you.



If you wish to compose text without distraction such as auto corrections, spelling checks, tool bar, that clutter up fancy work processors, here is the application for you.


This website goes with the tag line ‘The internet typewriter’. ‘If a highly tweakabale geeky text editor is needed to get your creative juices flowing, you should try this website.

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It is one of the best document editor powered by Google. Millions of users across the world use this service for managing their documents online.

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