How To Succeed In Civil Services Examination

This very question has been asked more than a thousand times, “How To Succeed In Civil Services Examination ?”. But still now, no one has come up with an ideal answer. This article includes an incredible collection of answers to the above question.


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Tips  – by Savin Bansal (IAS Topper 2009)

Hard Work, Consistency And Balanced Approach Towards All Subjects Are The Key To Success. Admittedly, being the most prestigious exam. assigned with the responsibility of selecting the top notch bureaucrats, police officers and officers of allied services, it is the toughest and most challenging competition in the country. The challenges in its preparation are not on account of the vast expanse of syllabus coverage, unlimited, virtually infinite General Studies and other odds of life, one faces frequently. Its real challenge is working hard, persistently and consistently while grappling with all the odds, howsoever overwhelming they may be. In fact, the real test of one’s patience, strength and determination about one’s aim is preparing for this exam.


These virtues may sound philosophical and theoretical but candidly and with all honesty, this is the reality of Civil Services Exam preparation. In fact this constitutes the ground reality of each and every student who gets selected for these services.

The aforementioned facts and virtues are needed to encourage the future aspirants so that they shed fear and deterrence regarding te exam and take on the preparation with courage while having first-hand knowledge about the qualities the preparation demands.

The exam is difficult because the success in this exam offers on unmatched job profile, work content, the administrative powers, the kind of social recognition and social prestige on craves for, and most importantly, the golden opportunities to work for the marginalized sections of society. In view of the fact that a society. In view of the fact that a civil servant has no death of financial, physical and human resources, it depends on his administrative acumen to utilize these resources to make a real difference to lives of disadvantaged & destitute, to enable them live a dignified life.

Similarly, a student while preparing, should always be appreciative of the fact that besides books & teachers, it is self-decision-making capability, prudence and direction that would help him. it is the self-introspection and self studying capability that are the real assets.


It is human nature that sometimes, one may get depressed or may get apprehensive about his / her decision to choose this line of profession (Civil Services), due to inherent uncertainty about and absence of well defined path. In such situations, one should drive one’s enthusiasm and passion by admiring the results that would be accrued after success. The students should derive inspiration from their teachers, family and friends.

It is an established fact that persistent perseverance and hard work are the two main planks for the preparation. Even then the importance of the art of utilizing the opportunities one gets during preparation, as assets useful for him / her, that help the student in some way or the other, cannot be underestimated.

Tips By Dr. Basant Garg (IAS Topper 2005, 2nd Position)

Focus-oriented, Concentrated Approach Supplemented With Quality Magazines And Notes Holds The Key to Success

  • I would say that people, who start their preparation about 2-3 years in advance, generally get enough time to prepare a strategy for each step of the Civil Services Exam. One is able to understand the nature of the exam, nature of his/her optionals and nature of General Studies. Thus one is focused while preparing for his Exam. It is not humanly possible to read and retain all the syllabus of both optionals and the General Studies Paper (which is vast). One should prepare selectively, thus minimizing the effort while maximizing the result. But one should understand the nature of the subject to be selected otherwise one might be taking undue risk.
  • Give the best of your concentration to optional subjects. But do remember to give due time to General Studies daily. This makes General Studies retention easy.
  • Please do read good reputed magazines working in this field. They may help you shape your strategy.
  • Obtain quality notes from seniors, teachers and coaching institutes. They may be a good substitute for books.
  • A good source of inspiration and motivation keeps one going. One needs to realize that there are times of lowered performance and boredom. People and popular sayings, examples of other people’s success may help one overcome this lag period.
  • Pray for good luck and best wishes.


There are many other small but significant things like family and friends’ support which helps one achieve success. Do not underestimate their importance.

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