IAS (Indian Civil Services) success mantra!

The gurus have the success mantra for cracking the most prestigious and heritage civil service examination.

IAS Topper Haritha Reveals Her Winning Mantra - Video Dailymotion

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The Mantras


1. Work hard and have faith in your self. Be focused totally. (Shubhra Saxena, 1st position, IAS 2009).

2. Work hard and intelligently. Choose your subjects intelligently. (Dr. Yash Garg, 6th position, IAS 2009)

3. Interview is a very important step in the route of success. Hard work and understanding of pattern along with Group Discussions with friends are some important points. (Kumar Pal Gautam, 81st position, IAS 2009


4. Motivate your-self and increase your self confidence and work hard whole heartedly without thinking of result. (Amit Kumar Singh, 187th position, IAS 2009)

5. Good time management; Dedicated & Clear Approach; Fine expression; Be dedicated to wards your Goal. (Bhanu Chandra Goswami, 33rd position, IAS 2009)

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