Indian Civil Services Success Tips and Tricks

As you know Indian Civil Services is the most toughest among all examination. And when it comes to social status, IAS officers are regarded as the undisputed kings. Let’s learn some tips and tricks in order to crack the civil service examination.

Seven Rules for Success | BeLimitless

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Strong Will Power, Positive Attitude, Strategic Planning And Right Study Material Are the Pillars

Here are some positive guidelines to achieve success in the Civil Services Examination.

  • Test your will power
  • Test your intellect & endurance (IQ & EQ tests)
  • Pray regularly
  • Bounce back whenever failure knocks.
  • Never have ‘Resource Myopia’.
  • Read widely as it enriches the soul.
  • Read standard magazines and newspaper.
  • Have good social circles–who can complement each other.
  • Plan even if it fails. Replan and execute, 50% of its positive results will follow.
  • Be humble and silent when someone doesn’t recognize your true merit your results and positive attitude will be definite bonus.
  • Never wait for things to happen take new initiatives while in preparation but have patience.
  • Do visit some places outside your place of study–just to refresh and start again.
  • Shortlist your effective reading list continuously–drop some and add new ones.
  • Follow the icons of Civil Services. It helps in motivation.
  • Avoid negative approach because any negative reasons for achieving success may dilute the effort towards success.
  • Build your team– not only for your preparation, but for emotional support because in the 21st century true leadership is one which can learn, relearn and relearn to make the success a journey rather than a destination.
  • Don’t worry about optional–it is the person’s scores.
  • Don’t worry about medium. To write anything meaningfully itself is divine and the whole writing experience for Civil Services itself is an act of true divination.
  • So Medium never matters as a saying that it is not the colour of the balloon which propels it toward the sky rather the stuff inside it.
  • It is very fair exam so do not have any preconceived notions. Fight out your demons inside you so that the journey is fruitful.
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