Is qualification more important than experience ? – Dr D. Awale’s Perspective

Experiences has not substitutes. No amount of theoretical discourses or case study discussion in the confines of the classroom can prepare a student fully for the grime and grind of the reality.

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Persons who have “been there”, done that” will always have an advantage in their respective fields. However, if a person enters a particular jib field quipped with the basics of business management and an eagerness to learn, he/she should be able to grasp the intricate details of his/her job in a short span of time and do quite well in his/her career. An MBA degree is earned only after a rigorous study of 2 years and these years are not spent merely getting by-heart books and course materials.

Students of MBA programmes participate in myriad activities like case discussions, presentations, debates, brainstorming sessions, business simulations games, live projects in the industry and so on. Moreover, the students also undergo 8 weeks of summer internship in a company where they are incorporated in teams doing some major live projects. The learning acquired from all these is of paramount value.


Besides, there is a huge scope of peer-learning as well in course of the programme. Thus an MBA degree denotes than a student has actually put in sufficient effort in appreciating, absorbing and assimilating the fundamentals of business management. Such a student, even if he/she does not have any prior works experience will always be able to adjust to the demands of the world competition. Business, after all, is no rocket science. It requires plenty of common sense and the ability to learn on the field. An open and alert mind is the vital necessity.

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