Most easiest method suggested by Dr . S.D Awale for succeeding in an B-School Interview !

B-Schools conduct interviews during their admission process to get to know the applicant better. The panel of interviews try to judge whether the student has the temperament required to be successful leader.

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From their point of view, it is important that the applicant should be completely honest while giving an interview. One cannot prepare for the interview; there are no right or wrong answers. However it is advised that the candidate spends sufficient time in self-introspection so as to get a clear vision of his career objectives.

The more the aspirant is clear about his strengths and weakness, the better he would be able to leverage them for the interview. Th focus of a B-School interview can range from specific questions about his education or job to broad discussions on life. Through his answers, the applicant must b able to convince the interview panel that he is best suited for the course. It will help if the candidate approaches the interview as a conversation to be enjoyed, not as a question-and-answer ordeal.

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