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Time is money. How often have we heard this paradigm? Throughout our growing up periods, we have been reminded time over again that we need to value time. Because time well spent is money earned. in today’s fast paced life this statement true than ever before.

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It is not unusual for a student to say after completing his graduation that he would have been better placed in life had he had a job at that moment of his career. But it is not often that he would have planned for it. Ask him and he will tell you that he had no career options professionally while pursuing his graduation And he is not wrong.

The major reason of the failure is people learning something, doing something else. Your approach towards professional courses should be straight forward connected to the career. First select your career, select the right course & institute to get the required knowledge to do the job & start the first step towards destination. You need not to waste your resources including precious time to get knowledge of each & every subject in the world. It should be focused. Whatever you have selected the destination of your; you should master in that subject because it is the time of specialization. Remember that the expert might be of only one subject, always are in demand than a person having the knowledge of all the subjects.


The one course, which all accounting students aspire for, is the Charted Accountants course. But  how many of them do become a Chartered Accountant? Leave alone becoming one, a handful of them get through the foundation course. And in the process there is a crisis of accountants. Industry wants them yet there are very few in number who is available.

it is to bridge this gap that the Institute of Chartered Accountants has brought out its Industrial Accounting curse. The brainchild of Mr. NK Shyamsukha, this course aims to get accountants ready within a span of six months to a year. Its uniquely designed course curriculum helps students to be practically ready for the industry of today.

Coupled with it is the unique feature of “job or money back” concept. This is the first time that an institute in India has launched this concept. Any student who completes the course begins a job with a minimum salary of Rs. 4000/- per month. In 3 years time he can earn upto Rs. 15,000/- per month and earn the status of an Accounts Manager. A status which no other course in India can today boast of.

The Institute of Computer Accountants (ICA), the largest industrial accounting institute in India has embarked upon a unique initiative – the Any Time Job (ATJ) card. This card, launched for the first time in the country would enable any student who completes the course from ICA to procure a job in any of the cities where the institute has a centre.


The card would enable a student the flexibility to establish himself in the cit of his choice. In the highly unlikely event of a candidate not getting placed, the institute refunds the full money to the student.

Mr. N.K. Shyamsukha, Chairman, ICA says that these initiatives by the institute would enable students to establish a foothold for themselves in the job market. Since most graduation courses focus on the theoretical aspects of accounting, this unique course by ICA was specifically designed to meet the practical requirement of the industry. Moreover, after the completion of the course, it became the moral responsibility of the institute to ensure that its students are placed within industry. Some of the companies where ICA students have got placed include ICICI Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, Pepsi, etc.

About ICA

The Kolkata-based ICA, which started with a humble beginning in 1999, has today carved out a place for itself in the accounting training field. It has already received a thumping response in the states of West Bengal, Delhi, and Maharashtra, UP, MP, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Karnataka, Assam, Meghalaya, Bihar, Orissa, Jharkhand, Jammu & Kashmir, Punjab, and Haryana & Tamil Nadu and would soon set up centers to cover the other parts of the country as well. Today, ICA has emerged as a landmark in computerized accounts training having more than 225 centers and training more than 30,000 students nationally.


ICA has 200 chartered accountants who work with the organization in various fields like R&D, placement, management and faculty. The institute teaches complete accounting till online finalization, and conducts courses in subjects like accounts, taxation, ROC, banking, portfolio management and excise duty with Practical Approach. ICA is an ISO-9001 institution and an authorized training centre of Fact, Ace, Ex-Ngn, Accord & Exactly, and Busy etc.

In nutshell ICA is ready to provide each and every support to an inclined student who wants to make it big in the field of Accounts. Just give one step and step in to the world of ICA we are ready to give thousand steps in order to make your story a successful one.

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