Understanding the Nature of Mock Interviews !

It should be remembered that the Board Members have not formulated any questions be forehand, by and large, question arise from the bio-data of the candidates furnished along with the application from which is before the Board. It is therefore, important to keep a copy of the bio-data and glance through it on the day of the interview.

2012 TAPPI PIMA Student Summit

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Care should be taken to see that the answers given at the interview do not in any way contradict the information given in the bio-data Generally three types of questions are asked at the interview.

First are the question arising out of the bio-data. These related to your family background, your education, the places where you have lived and the institutions which you have attended. Questions about the service or business of your father, educational standard of your mother, the status of your brothers and sisters, etc. may also be asked.


The second type of questions may relate to the subjects of your specialized studies. If you have at any state changed your subject, the reasons thereof and the results of such a change.

The third type of questions may relate to the awareness of the surroundings/environments and controversial subjects in the news. Recent events which have influenced, or are likely to influence the public life or life in general.

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