Common Admission Test (CAT) Online Exam 2009

Courses Offered : Post Graduate Programmes in Management: IIM Ahmedabad PGP, PGP-ABM and PGP-PMP; IIM Bangalore PGP, PGSEM and PGPPM; IIM Calcutta PGP-PGDM and PGP-PGDCM; IIM Indore PGP and EPGP; IIM Kozhikode PGP; IIM Lucknow PGP and PGP-ABM; RGIIM Shillong PGP.

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Educational Qualification : The candidate must hold a Bachelor’s Degree, with at least 50% marks or equivalent CGPA (45% in case of the candidates belonging to Scheduled Caste (SC), Scheduled Tribe (ST and Differently Abled (DA) categories.

Details and Forms : Obtainable from branches of Axis bank and their associated outlets during the period from 9 Sept. 2009 to 1 Oct. 2009 for Rs. 1440/- (Rs. 700/- for SC/ST candidates.)


Registration for CAT : On purchasing the CAT 2009 Voucher, prospective candidates must log on to the website to register for CAT 2009. Details of the registration process are proved at the website.

For complete up to date solved papers and complete study material, please refer to Bright Career’s Book 1. CAT Explorer, Price: Rs. 220/-, 2. CAT Exam, (Price: Rs. 310/-) obtainable from Bright Publications, 2767, Kucha Chellan, Darya Ganj, New Delhi-110002.

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