Joint Management Entrance Test (JMET) 2009

Courses Offered : IIT Bombay – Master of Management (Mg.Mgt.); IIT Delhi – MBA with focus on Managemetn systems; MBA without focus on Tele-Communication Systems Management; IIT Kanpur – Master of Business Administration (MBA); IIT Kharagpur – Master of Business Administration (MBA); IIT Madras – Master of Business Administration (MBA); IIT Roorkee – Master of Business Administration (MBA).

Test Dates

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Eligibly Conditions : Depends upon’ concerned IIT.

Details and Forms : A candidate can apply for JMET 2010using “online’ mode only. The Application Fee is Rs. 750/- for General candidates and Rs. 350 for SC/ST/PD candidates. Online-submission of application can be made by accessing the website Information about the application fee payment procedure, eligibility, programmes, exam cities, test structure, etc. are available at the website of IISc and seven IITs.


Late Date : The last date for submission of complete application from is October 16, 2009.

For complete study material please refer to Bright Career’s Book to MBA Exam, (Price Rs. 375/-) obtainable from Bright Publications, 2767, Kucha Chellan, Darya Ganj, New Delhi-110002.

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