Management Aptitude Test (MAT) December 2009

MAT 2009 examination is going to be held on (a) Paper- Pencil Test : Dec 6, 2009 (b) Online Test : Dec 12, 2009. Best of luck for cracking the MAT with positive frame of mind and intelligent preparation. Keep visiting the career blog of this website for more updates.


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Educational Qualification : Graduate in any discipline.


Details and Forms

Obtainable on cash payment of Rs 980/- from the select branches of Bank of Baroda, Study Centre of AIMA or by post by sending DD of Rs 1050/- in favor of All India Management Association Payable at Delhi. Number of Participary Institutes 370.

Last date

The last date for receipt of completed application form at AIMA, new Delhi is November 20, 2009.

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