National Defence Academy & Naval Academy Examination (I), 2010

An Examination will be conducted by the Union Public Service Commission on 18th April, 2010 for admission to the Army, Navy and Air Force wings of the NDA for the 125th Course and Naval Academy for the 45th 10+2 (Executive Branch) Course commencing from 30th December, 2010.

National Defence Academy gentlemen no longer quitters: Much fewer ...

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The approximate number of vacancies to be filled on the results of this examination will be 335 (195 for the Army, 39 for Navy, 66 for the Air Force and 35 for the Executive Branch of Naval Academy.

Vacancies are provisional and may be changed depending on the availability of training capacity of National Defence Academy.


Application Form

Candidate must apply in the Common Application Form devised by the Commission for its examinations, which can be purchased from the designated HEad Post Offices/Post Offices throughout the country against cash payment of Rs. 20/-. Each such Form can be sued only once and only for one examination. In case of any difficulty in obtaining Applications Forms from the designated HPOs/POs the candidates should immediately contact the concerned Post Master of UPSC’s “Forms Supply Monitoring Cell” over the Telephone No. 011-2338936.

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