CareerNet Consulting – Talent Acquisition and Recruitment Process Outsourcing solutions provider

At CareerNet, we deliver rewarding career navigation & advice to professionals through an integrated ecosystem of opportunity landscaping, personalized career counseling and smart employment opportunities. We have re-defined “discovering right jobs” for high quality professional across campuses on the board rooms. With our depth expertise across various verticals, we have emerged as the “distinctive partner” for leading global firms to assists them in building their dream teams.

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Not Just Match Making. A problem solving   approach towards building high performance teams.


Corporate Headquarters

CareerNet Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Salarpuria Soft Zone, 4th Floor ‘A’ Block, ‘B’ Wing, 80/1, 80/2 Outer Ring Road
Bangalore – 560103
Voice : +91-80-66550000
Fax: +91-80-66550001

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