Cosmic Business School – Maharishi Group Initiative

Cosmic Business School now becomes a CAT Institute. All admissions for its prestigious PGDBM and Govt. recognized MBA Programmes would be through CAT being conducted by IIM’s.

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Its is a great news for the CAT aspirants that now they have a change to pursue Management Course in this Corporate B-School, already ranked No. 1 School in Northern India by the students but then they will have to work very hard to get a seat here as the number of seats available for admission will only be 60 out of which 15% seats are reserved for women, 5% seats for students studied from Maharishi Vidya Mandir Schools, 5% for he bright students fro the economically weaker class and 5% seats for NRI.

It is amazing to note where most of the B-Schools around the country is trying hard to admit as many students as possible, this school insists on keeping a low batch size.


When the school was contacted to comment on the seats, the Programme office said, ‘Management Education needs focused interaction’ and the metal faculties can be developed to fine tune the best in business, only when a lot of time is spent with the students. This is not possible when the number of students admitted is too many.

The School is located in a sprawling 35000 sq ft campus in South Delhi and within the Campus, there are two prestigious Maharishi Groups Corporate located. 1st the Corporate office of Cosmic Softech Ltd. (a software development organization) and 2nd Picasso digital Media-Centennial College Toronto, Canada (a high end-animation education and production organization).

Each Classroom visited was excellently made in aqua green colors, for maximum 30 students, fully equipped with LCD Projectors, Computers for the faculty as  a teach aid, and Laptops for the students. The campus being WiFi, the students can work on net from any location of the campus. Integrated Classrooms help close interaction with the faculty as a result the learning objectives are significantly achieved from day one.

The best thing about Cosmic is that each student gets a corporate culture within which they have to study. As a result, when they are finally placed in the Industry, they feel at home because they are already used to the corporate environment during the entire period of their course curriculum.


Placement is unique here. The Placement office does not have to put much effort to place the eligible students. When asked for details, the Placement Office said, “Well, we have two system of Placement Process, First, we have Internal Placement’ wherein we try to place our students within our own corporate. Any student who does not make up to the ‘internal placement process’ is then taken care of by our ‘External Placement’ Process’. The advantage our students get over others is that, we have within our group corporate to support us in the placement”. Well that is great… and a great boon for the students who are studying here.

The strongest point in this B-School is its ‘Intellectual Capital’. It is mandatory for each faculty to have sufficiently large industry experience before they are induced in the core faculty to teach MBA Programme. The syllabus is updated keeping in mind the changing scenario around the corporate world. Marketing students get special training on Brand and Retail Management, whereas the HR students are trained on employee’s motivational modules. The Finance, as specialization should be perfect in working capital management, and taxation. The IT students have their go on IT solutions in the Corporate housed within the campus.

The students receive on the job training and sometimes given specific assignment through which they earn sufficiently big money. Senior students get special non-core teaching assignments. In recent move, the school introduced three dynamic case studies as a core subject. In Search for excellence, what they don’t teach you in Harvard Business School and the movie Lagan has become part of the curriculum for the MBA students.

Students are excited about this development and said, “Cosmic is graded A++ B-School in real sense. We understand this and so does the corporate”.


While studies, presentations, case studies etc. load students more than what they can take, yet the curriculum provides interesting moves for the students to watch every week within the Campus. There are cultural programmes organized by the students and they also present their Annual event ‘Aagaaz’ where all the students from BBA and MBA participate.

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