Dronacharya College of Engineering, Khentwas – Gurgaon

Churning out professionals with a cutting edge to gain competitive advantage… this is what Dronacharya College of engineering stands for… and it truly lives up to these words… this institute, its environment, everything is unique by itself – it’s a force that will churn out only the BEST … I’m proud to be part of this institute, of this journey towards excellence.

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This institution has threaded the road to success with honesty in its heart and courage in its mind-set. Aiming at around development of the student’s personality, this institution has pioneered in incorporating updated and innovative methodologies of teaching. It believes in delivering what the corporate world looks for in this current scenario.


We at DCE are taught how to strike a balance between the generalist and the specialist within us, honing our skills and showcasing the same to the corporate arena. Under the supervision and guidance of experienced and trained Faculty members of our college, I have been able to grab a placement offer at Satyam Computers – one of the leading companies in the corporate world.

Apart from this, I have been able to bag various laurels, awards and rewards making the best use of the opportunities provided to me in various technical and cultural fields.

Megha Malhotra (7047)

Dronacharya College of Engineering
Khentwas, Farrukh Nagar


Gurgaon., Ph- 0124-2375502, 03,04

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