Indian Institute of Aeronautical Engineering & Information Technology

Indian engineers have made their mark & have been at the centre stage the information technology revolution the world over. This has been possible only due spread of education by large number of institutions especially in the private domain. India has become a preferred destination in aviation with the opening up of our skies. Airbus-A-380 carrying train-full of passengers & scramjet. Surely indicate a bright future for aeronautical engineering. Similarly opportunities in emerging field like Biotechnology could surpass even our imagination. The demand for the engineers, scientists & managers is expected to show sustained growth in coming years.

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To be Engineer : One can join professional courses like engineering & management in the following manners –

  • By coming in the merit list of common entrance tests at states or all Indian levels.
  • By clearing Section A & B of professional institutions of national repute like Aeronautical Society of India, Institution of Electronic & Telecom Engineers, Institution of Mech Engineers etc.

Giving Opportunity : There are quite a large number of stipends who aspire to become engineers but are not able to make it to the government or private engineering colleges due being lower in merit or inability to afford high fees. To ensure that such students also have a chance to become professionals Founder Director Shri Anshul Shrma established ILAET & CMRE at Pune. In short span of just four years the institutions has emerged as the leading training institute in the country. To give hands on experience to the students the college has its own aircraft & also arrangements with Airbus maintenance set up at Delhi.


The Course : Aeronautical Society of Indian conducts the examination and awards AMAeSI degree which is recognized by the Govt. of India as equivalent to the BE/B.Tech degree in Aeronautical engineering from any Indian University. Some of these are post in DRDO, CSIR, HAL, various airlines, civil aviation dept. etc. They are also eligible to pursue Post Graduate courses. After completion of AMAeSI there candidates can appear for competitive examinations like I.A.S. I.P.S. / I.E.S. defense forces. The qualified people should be able to obtain high-profiles jobs in aviation.

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