International College Of Engineering (ICE)

ICE, Pune,is the pride of Pune in Education. Offers globally recognized degrees by unique credit transfer programmes through ICE, Pune, Maharashtra, India is the pride of Pune in Education. Offers globally recognized degrees by unique credit transfer programmes through its overseas partner INTI, Malaysia having tie ups with 266 reputed universities from USA / Canada / Australia / New Zealand and UK.

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ICE offers the following branches in its degree programme both in Engineering and Management. India is known globally for making quality products available at lower prices. Keeping in tune with this fact ICE, Pune, is making its sincere effort to make its name known globally in the filed of education without compromising its quality. We are proud to be in the city of Pune which is mostly refereed by the intellectuals as the brain capital of India. ICE offers the most advanced curriculum made by very experienced personalities and authorities in their respective fields of education in Applied Science and Management.

Engineering Majors : (Aerospace / Aeronautical) (Biomechanics / Biomedical Computer) (Civil / Mechanical / Chemical)


Business and Management Majors : (Finance / Accounting) (marketing / Actuarial Science) (Fashion Merchandising) ( Hotel Management)

Applied Sciences : (Biochemistry) (Biotechnology) (Food Science) (Pharmacy)

Computing & IT : (Business Information) (Multimedia Computing) (Software Engineering)

This unique degree credit transfer programme enables the students to complete their one year at ICE, Pune. One year at the INTI, Malaysia, our academic partners and the remaining two to two & half years at US universities of their choice (as per respective universities entry requirement).


The students have added advantage at ICE to get international experience in their first year itself as we admit the students from most parts of the world. ICE is committed to provide excellent facilities academically as well as extra curricular activities. ICE takes pride in announcing its excellent take off in higher learning which can be understood from our excellent results of our first semester examinations in Engineering under the American University Programme conducted at ICE, wherein, 17 students out of a total of 35 students.

“We are sure to provide globally, excellent graduates in the field of Science, Technology and Management in the years to come, which is our well cherished MOTO!

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