Mody Institute of Technology and Science (MITS)

(FMS), Lakshmangarh, (formerly known as Mody College of Management Studies) a premier Residential Management School of India is a division of Mody Institute of Technology and Science (MITS), which became a Deemed University under Section 3 or UGC Act 1956.

Mody University- A Leading Women University of India

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“Women of India for the new millennium” is the vision that has been set for the Faculty of management Studies. State-of-the-art techniques and technologies blended with the mutual interaction between the faculty and the students sharpen the mental abilities and working attitudes of the future executives at FMS.


FMS is striving to emerge as the grooming ground for women to lead our country into a brighter tomorrow. It prepares transformational leaders with global min set for effectively leading our nation into the next millennium. committed to excellence, FMS seek to educate our students to be responsible, productive and creative citizens of the world with the skills to think globally, reason critically and communicate effectively. Its mission is to facilitate and conduct advanced management research into all aspects of intellectual arena and long term inter-disciplinary research in the spheres of management and economics

The uniqueness of its MBA programme lies in developing in the executive trainees a passion for excellence, meeting challenges head on with due emphasis on ethical  and moral values through broad based management skills. The course curriculum blends tools and techniques with ancient wisdom. With globalization becoming a reality, the corporate would is spreading its wings in different directions. The result is the advent of new technologist, effective management techniques, higher quality product sand varying consumer preferences giving new dimensions to corporate function. The executives and managers of today are required to be habituated to live in the age of transformation and rapid growth. FMS focuses on the current business issues and develops problem-solving orientation among its graduates and practicing managers. The institute has built an ambience where continuous learning, creativity and innovations in the field of management are the way of life. It ahs a strong network with industry, government and social institutions that are co-partners of FMS in learning and organization building.

Placement cell is managed by a full fledged Training and Placement Officer, with knowledge and exposure of placement activity in business schools. The first four batches of the Institute had excellent 70% (only there many opt out for employment career) placements in various industries such as : Nowartis, Panacea Bio-Tech, G.E. Capital, Spectramind, Shyam Telelink, Eichter Tractors, ING Vysya, Sone & Webstor India Ltd. T.S. Consultants, Guljaj Chemical Industries, OJUS Pharma Co, Federation of Hotels and Restaurants, Pfzer, REIL – Jajpur, Rajasthan Patrika, Transcporation, De Caprio etc.

Hostel Facilities


FMS provides spacious and well-furnished hostels with all modern amenities and conveniences with an abundant supply of hot and cold water and 24-hour electric supply supplemented by its own high power generators in case of power failure. Each hostel has a large common room where the students can enjoy their leisure time with modern recreational audio-visual  facilities, indoor games, periodicals and books.

Each hostel is under the care of a  resident warden. Hostels are well protected with adequate security arrangement. FMS recognizes the unique needs and interests of the students as they pursue their professional education. Each hostel is designed as a living and learning environment that helps the students adjust to the educational demands of the professional management college while encouraging them to develop friendship and important social network. Each hostel is surrounded with wide varieties of trees and shrubs that have created abandon greenery.

Dining and Cafeteria

The Institute has built stat-of-art mess, which can accommodate abut two thousand people at a time. The kitchen equipment are imported and highly automated thus providing extremely hygienic and fresh food to all. The Cafeteria provides all kinds of modern and well-cherished eatables to students in a very cozy and soothing environment.


College – Locations : FMS Lakshmangarh, is located midway between Jaipur and Bikaner on National-Highway (NH11), spread in an area of over 250 acres, specially developed for the purpose. The whole campus has been beautifully landscaped with water-falls, gushing fountains, well-kept orchards, lush green lawns, colorful flower beds, forest belts and a water body, literally transforming the Shekhawati belt of Thar desert into an oasis with greenery. It is indeed ideal for academic pursuits, close to nature in a totally pollution-free environment, truly conducive to higher contemplation, growth and learning.

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