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Welcome to the NICE Society, where creativity and professionalism come together. it is the community of individuals ready to roll up their sleeves, get to work and flex their professional muscle just like you.

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We are NICE Society, and Educational Philanthropic Organization, established in 1989. The Institutions of NICE Society are providing Undergraduate and Postgraduate career oriented degrees such as Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA), Master of Computer Application (MCA), Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), aster of Business Administration (MBA), and Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech.). Along with this is the upcoming Dental College which is an integral part of Kunwar Shekhar Hospital and Research Centre.

By becoming the part of NICE Society Institutions, i.e.

  • NICE Management College, Meerut
  • Shobhit Institute of Engineering and Technology, Meerut
  • Shobhit Institute of Engineering and Technology, Gangoh
  • Kunwar Shekhar Hospital and Research Centre, Gangoh


You’ll make a commitment to your self and to your career. This is the place where you learn what it takes to succeed in IT, engineering, and management studies. You work with faculty who push you to think out of the box and help your prepare of the real world of work.

At the her of our philosophy is our commitment to working with Corporate all over the country so that we can be aware of advances in the industry. They tell us how their business is changing and what kid of skills they require. We in turn bring this real world knowledge into the classroom. This means that our students don’t learn just their curriculum; they learn problem solving skills they’ll need when working with clients.

Students of Engineering and Technology are given in depth understanding of contemporary theoretical, practical and professional issues of the discipline, which examines aspects of hardware, software and other Engineering Systems. And to our management students we provide and enduring knowledge base besides developing the individual approach to visualize and understand the corporate problems and business ethics, the world over. The all-round personality of the students is developed through improving their interpersonal skills, including team spirit, eldership skills, empathy, an open mind and positive attitude.

NICE Society Institutions have earn excellent track record inhaling passing graduates find Sumer & Final Placements in small, mid size and larger  companies. Employers like Cisco, Wipro, Convergys, Conexant, Pixal Galaxy, Tata Telecom, HCL, HDFC, Lupin Phrma, Vcustomer, Xansa, Siemens, ITC, ICICI, IFCI, Pepsi, Coke, and so many others companies of India and multinational origin have already absorbed the students of our various colleges.


The thing to remember is; a NICE Society education is not a process where we hand you skills and knowledge, learning worked best when you are an active participant when your take responsibility and give it everything you got. Your education can be as good as you make it from your first day of classroom to graduation you’ll get back what you put in. After all students, it’s something we do with them.

NICE Society welcomes foreign students at its lush green academic residential campus, located at the Distance of 75 kilometers from New Delhi on National Highway No. 58 (Delhi0Dehradun Highway) within National Capital Region (NCR). Students from counties such as Tanzania, Uganda, Mongolia, Zimbabwe, Vietnam and Nepal are already studying in different courses at Meerut Campus.

So make an interactive visit to NICE Society. It is a place of ideas, expression and energy. It is where creative people come together to teach, learn and produce great work. It can be your community too. Welcome to the land of opportunities, of education and knowledge, a land of NICE people, the NICE Society.

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