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RAU’s IAS is founded by Dr S.Rau in the year 1953 with a positive vision to help students to achieve high success in the toughest competitive exam in the country, i.e. IAS which is presently known as Civil Service Exam.  With the passes of time, the study circle has evolved into a unique fraternity of educators and students striving together, year after year, in pursuit of a single goal. It is the best Study Circle for all Civil Service aspirants.


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Amazing Success

Our 2004 Exam Results : Seven positions secured by our student in first 20 and 41 in first 100 with overall 81 total selection. As regards the past achievements, Study Circle has contributed nearly one-third of the total sections done for Civil Service by UPSC 1953.  It is a well known fact that RAU’s is the most trusted and recommended name all over the country for IAS & PCS coaching.


Unbeatable Strategy

Answer that matter: The most crucial fact about coaching is that it should improve the quality of your answers in the minimum possible time. It is precisely this training on which we focus on at RAU’s to give an extra edge to the answers you give/write in the Civil Service Examination.

Be Sure

We have no branches or associates any where in India. Our name which has become a legend among students for the highest standards  in teaching, and hence has been copied by a lot of centres across India, but it can never be equaled.


Program Highlights

  • Personal Guidance (English Medium) is available for General Studies/Essay, History, Sociology, Public Administration, Geography, Psychology, Law & Commerce.
  • Postal Guidance in English Medium available for General Studies, History, Sociology, Public Administration and Geography.
  • Postal Guidance in Hindi Medium available for General Studies only.
  • Hostel facility arranged.

Contact Us

EMAIL ID : [email protected]

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