Solved answers with explanatory notes for Defence Academy and Naval Entrance Exam April 2009 on General ability ?

Solved answers with explanatory notes for Defence Academy and Naval Entrance Exam April 2009 on General ability. To read the question : Click here

CA IPCC May 2014 Suggested Answers by ICAI - SuperProfs Times

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General Ability

1. C2. D3. A4. A
5. C6. B7. D8. B
9. B10. B11. D12. D
13. C14. D15. C16. A
17. C18. D19. B20 C
21. D22. D23.B24. D
25. B26. C27. A28. B
29. D30. B31. B32. D
33. D34. C35. D36 .C
37. B38. C39. B40. D
41. C42. B43 B44. B
45. B46. C47. C48. A
49. B50. D



Explanatory Notes

1. Tarikh-i-Alai is also known as Khazainu-i-Futuh.

2. Both Buddha and Mahavir belonged to sixth century BC.

3. Sati was prohibited in 1829.


5. Jai Hind was the slogan given by Subhas Chandra Bose for the Indian National Army.

6.  Parinirvana  in sanskrit means ‘the final Nirvana’

14. The Ninety-third amendment to the Constitution was made in 2006.

17. Uttar Pradesh introduced VAT from Jan 1, 2008.


33. Tamil Nadu which lies on the earthen coast of India gets most of its rainfall from NE monsoon during the months of October to January . Jammu and Kashmir also gets most of its rainfall during the winter months along with snowfall.

34. Chhattisgarh has 31.76 percent, Madhya Pradesh has 20.27 percent, Mizoram 94.46 percent and Rajasthan 12.56 percent of their population which comes user the category of scheduled Tribes.

35. Dry point settlements are common in regions around the river plains,  especially in England.

38. The diameter of Venue is 12,100 km compare to earth’s 12,756 km.

39. Tropic of Cancer is 23 /12 degree North latitude.

40. Each time zone (a difference of 1 hour in local time) is 15 degrees wide.

44. Both the statement  are true but R is not correct explanation of A. The equator is the largest latitude (0 degree).It dives the earth into two parts, the northern hemisphere and the  southern hemisphere.

46. Heavy water (D2O) is used as a moderator in nuclear reactors.

50. Cholera is a bacterial disease caused by bacteria vibrio cholerae. The disease is accompanied by symptoms’ like acute diarrhea, vomiting and   dehydration. Hence ORS (Oral Rehydration Therapy) is recommended for patients to meet the nutrients and water loss.

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