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9 Main Varieties of Soaps | Cleansing Agents | Laundry Work | Home Science

This article throws light upon the nine main varieties of soaps used in laundry work. The soaps are: 1. Bar Soaps 2. Neutral Soaps 3. Toilet Soaps 4. Disinfectant Soaps 5. Solvent Soaps 6. Shaving Soaps 7. Soap Solution 8. Soap Flakes 9. Soap Powders. Variety # 1. Bar Soaps: These are hard soaps which […]

Difference between Soap and Detergent | Cleansing Agents | Home Science

Though soap is a type of detergent, there are some differences between soap and present day soapless detergents: 1. The Chief constituent of soaps are fats or oils and alkalies. But the chief constituent of detergent is an inexhaustible material known as hydrocarbons or petrochemicals. 2. Soap preparation is expensive and the production process is […]

Application of Pressure for Removing Dirt from Clothes | Home Science

After reading this article you will learn about the application of pressure for removing dirt from clothes. The applications are: 1. Application of Friction 2. Application of Light Pressure 3. Application of the Principles of Suction 4. Washing Machine. 1. Application of Friction: Friction is applied for washing of cotton, linen, and other strong materials. […]

Washing Equipments Used in Laundry | Laundry Work | Home Science

Some of the important washing equipments used in laundry are: 1. Tubs and Buckets 2. Boilers 3. Bowls and Basins 4. Scrubbing Board 5. Scrubbing Brush 6. Suction Washer 7. Washing Machine 8. Finishing Equipment 9. Irons 10. Ironing Board or Table. Equipment # 1. Tubs and Buckets: These are very much essential for washing […]

Washing and Finishing of Garments | Laundry Work | Home Science

After reading this article to learn about the methods of washing and finishing of cotton, silk and woolen garments. Laundering of clothes consists of two processes: 1. The process of removing dirt. 2. The process of finishing them to regain the appearance of neatness of a new fabric. The process of washing and finishing includes […]

Growth of a Child in Hindi | Home Science

Read this article in Hindi language to learn about the meaning, definition and laws of growth of a child. वृद्धि का अर्थ: (Meaning of Growth) वृद्धि से तात्पर्य है: शरीर की लम्बाई तथा भार में वृद्धि होना । अत: शरीर का आकार व भार बढ़ता है । विकास शारीरिक विकास तक ही सीमित नहीं रहता […]

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